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My name is Ingrid Halvorsen. Online I'm called Sunnyway. My screenname is derived from my middle name, Solveig, which is pronounced "sol' vay". I translated it rather poorly from Norwegian, thinking that sol = sun, and vei = road or way, hence "sunny-way".

I've been called Sunnyway since I first joined America OnLine in 1990, back in the days when it cost $5.95 an hour. I routinely had AOL bills of $200-400 a month (plus phone expense). If that sounds outrageous, let me tell you that I knew people online who had incurred bills of over $1000 a month! They didn't last very long.

There was no Internet access from AOL at that time, and we could send and receive e-mail only between other AOL members.

But AOL was graphic! No command lines and arcane commands to remember, navigation was easy, just point and click. And it was much more personal and friendly. The central focus was on Chat and Message Boards. Message Boards were a big improvement over dial-up bulletin boards. And, lordy, it was much faster than Prodigy, the only other service with a graphic interface.

At that time, AOL membership was counted in tens of thousands, not in double digit millions as today. There were usually only five to ten People Connection Lobbies open at one time. Men outnumbered women about ten to one. (Not bad odds from my point of view. I have dated half a dozen men I met on AOL.) It was easy to make friends in the Chat Rooms because one would encounter the same people often.

I still belong to AOL. Now I never venture into People Connection, although I occasionally visit in a few of the forum Chat Rooms. Today I spend my time reading message boards, newsgroups and Internet surfing. I've made a point of visiting online friends whenever I travel. Through the miracle that is the Internet, I've got friends all over the world.

I spent over thirty years as a casualty claims adjuster and manager. I've written several claims manuals for the insurance companies for which I've worked.

My interest in computers and the Internet has led me to a secondary occupation and my own company, Sunnyway Consulting. I provide Internet and e-Commerce consulting services, website design and development. I focus on assisting small companies and individuals to enter the field of Internet Commerce.

My avocations include reading, world travel, history, science fiction (future history), psychic phenomena, rune-lore, and writing. I'm also a Reiki Master and Reflexologist.


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