Sunny's Norway Photo Album
September 1998

Dorothy & Aase
Dorothy Halvorsen, my mother, and her cousin, Aase Egeberg
at the Norsk Folkemuseum in Bygdøy




Stabur and Stavekirke
at Folkemuseum
Aase and Dorothy
Røyken Kirke
Røyken Kirke
This is the church in which my grandfather was "døpt" (baptized) and confirmed.

Ingrid (Sunny) and Dorothy at the top of Spiralen

Ingrid and Dorothy

stone carvings

Iron age stone carvings

Transeth farm in Røyken Kommune,
the family homestead.
Transeth farm
Transeth farm
Aase, Dorothy and Toril Larsen
at Transeth farm
where my great-grandfather lived.
Looking out from the
stua balcony
View from Transeth balcony
View from Transeth
Another view fromTranseth
Mom met an old friend
at Holmenkollen
Dorothy and friend
Holmenkolen Ski Jump
Holmenkollen Ski Jump
View of Oslo fjord from Holmenkollen ski jump

View of Oslo fjord from Holmenkollen

View from the terrace at Frogerseter

View from the terrace of Frognerseteren Restaurant

Aase and Dorothy

Aase and Dorothy

Marit and Miriam

Marit and Miriam Drolsum

Marit and Marius Drolsum

Marit and Marius

Kai, Dorothy, Aase

Kai Drolsum, Dorothy and Aase

Marit, Aase, Marius and Dorothy at Fornabu Airport, now closed.

Marit, Aase, Marius, Dorothy