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If the title is hyperlinked, the book can be ordered from Click on the hyperlinked title to be taken to When possible, I've identified other sources, such as Rûna-Raven Press or Anglo-Saxon Books. I've found used copies on eBay, , and . The older ones may be available in a large public or university library.

It has been brought to my attention that my bibliographies have been extracted verbatim by lazy college students, for use in their own term papers. Of course, it doesn't fool anyone. However, to make it a teeny bit more difficult, I've removed the publication data. They can still copy, but they'll have to do a bit more work. One does have to wonder if they've also copied the term papers.

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Norse/German mythology and pagan religions at various pre-Christian periods, with a focus on shamanic techniques and the relevance of all this for modern people.

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Discusses pre-Christian gods in the texts such as gens Anglorum, Beowulf and The dream of the road. Chapters relating to Odin, Ingvi-Freyr among other matters, such as Odin in royal genealogy.

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Page briefly retells the more well known Norse legends and shows how complex and sometimes contradictory their traditions are.

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Theology, liturgy, lore and organization of the Ring Of Troth. It has imperfections, but presents the basic rituals of Asatru.

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