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Runelore Bibliography


If the title is hyperlinked, the book can be ordered from Click on the hyperlinked title to be taken to When possible, I've identified other sources, such as Rûna-Raven Press or Anglo-Saxon Books. I've found used copies on eBay, , and . The older ones may be available in a large public or university library.

It has been brought to my attention that my bibliographies have been extracted verbatim by lazy college students, for use in their own term papers. Of course, it doesn't fool anyone. However, to make it a teeny bit more difficult, I've removed the publication data. They can still copy, but they'll have to do a bit more work. One does have to wonder if they've also copied the term papers.

Mager, Stefan (ed.): Runes Decoder. Dynamo House, UK, 1994, ISBN= 0949266698.

Meadows, Kenneth: Rune Power: The Secret Knowledge of the Wise Ones.  1852397064. He argues that the rune row should start with Uruz, not Fehu. This is a theory that holds some weight among Swedish Runologists, primarily because it supports a runic numerology system., but it goes against tradition. Not recommended.

Rune Power

Rune Power:

Kenneth Meadows

Melville, Francis: The Book of Runes: Read the Secrets in the Language of the Stones, ISBN: 0764155512.

Mercer, Beryl and Bramwell, Tricia: The Anglo-Saxon Runes., Phoenix Runes, Amber, UK, 1983

Metzner, Ralph: The Well of Remembrance: Rediscovering the Earth Wisdom Myths of Northern Europe . ISBN=1570620288. The deeply buried shamanic roots of the Western world-view may contain wisdom essential to overcoming world ecological and spiritual crises. This book is about reconnecting with those roots through the rediscovery of the religion that existed in Europe before its suppression by the Roman Empire and Christianity. Out of print. Recommended. but hard to find.

Moltke, Erik: Runes and Their Origins: Denmark and Elsewhere, [translated by Peter G. Foote], Viking Society for Northern Research, Copenhagen, 1985;  David Brown Book Company, 1981. ISBN=8748005789. The Younger Futhark is discussed.

Monaco, Richard: Runes . ISBN= 0441736858.

Monge and Landsverk: Norse Medieval Cryptography in Runic Carvings,

Morgan, Keith: Rune Magick: The Use of Runes as Magickal Tools. ISBN=1872189555.

Morris, Katherine: Sorceress or Witch? : The Image of Gender in Medieval Iceland and Northern Europe ,, ISBN=0819182567.

Moundford, Paul Rhys: Nordic Runes, Understanding, Casting, Interpreting the Ancient Viking Oracle, I ISBN: 0892810939 .

 Nilsestuen, Rolf M.: The Kensington Runestone Vindicated . ISBN= 0819197491. Nilsestuen is not a scholar, but rather an irascible retiree, who dug into and revealed the scandalous mishandling of many of the prior investigations. He rants, but he makes a strong argument.. Highly recommended if you are at all interested in the Kensington Rune Stone.

Kensington Runestone Revisited

The Kensington Runestone Vindicated

Rolf Nilsestuen

Odenstedt, Bengt. On the Origin and Early History of the Runic Script. Uppsala: Almqvist & Wiksell International, 1990.

Osborne, Maryjane & Longland, Stella: Rune Games ISBN=0140191267. About the Anglo-Saxon runes, but much is applicable to the Elder Futhark. It also discusses the implications of the shapes of the runes. Presents a picture of a system and a culture in transition--from the heathen to the Christian. Hard to find.. Recommended. but hard to find.

Page, Raymond Ian.: Introduction to English Runes . ISBN=0851157688. Although Page does not believe in the magical properties of runes, his books are essential reading. This one gives a solid introduction to the Anglo-Saxon Runes. Highly recommended.

Introduction to English Runes

Introduction to English Runes

/r.I. Page

Page, R.I.: Runes, Reading the Past . ISBN=0520061144. This book tells the story of runes from the earliest continental inscriptions of the late second century AD through the Viking Age and to the related script used for the English language in Anglo-Saxon times. Page is scornful of the "magical" aspect of the runes.  Highly recommended.

Runes, Reading the Past

Runes, Reading the Past

R.I. Page


Page, R. I. and David Parsons: Runes and Runic Inscriptions : Collected Essays on Anglo-Saxon and Viking Runes .  ISBN=0851155995. Aligning himself with the sceptical rather than the romantic school of runologists, he draws fascinating conclusions about how, where and why runes were used. His scrutiny of the evidence extends from Anglo-Saxon runic coins to Manx inscribed stones. Recommended.

Partinton, S.W.: Runes and Runic Almanacs: One Chapter of "Danes in Lancashire",   ISBN=1872883044, UK ed.

Paul, Jim: The Rune Poem: Wisdom's Fulfillment, Prophecy's Reach . ISBN=0811811360. A new translation of the Anglo-Saxon rune poem, beautifully presented. Highly reommended.. Sometimes hard to find, look for a used copy.

The Rune Poem

The Rune Poem: Wisdom's Fulfillment, Prophecy's Reach

Jim Paul

Paxson, Diana: Hyge-Craeft: Working with the soul in the Northern Tradition, Idunna, Winternights 1995.

Pennick, Nigel: Hitler's Secret Sciences, Neville Spearman, Sudbury, Suffolk, 1981

Pennick, Nigel: Inner Mysteries of the Goths: Rune Lore and Secret Wisdom of the Northern Tradition  . ISBN=1898307512.

Pennick, Nigel: Magical Alphabets . ISBN=0877287473. Fascinating. Out of print; you'll be luckly to find a used copy. Grab it if you find one.

Magical Alphabets

Magical Alphabets

Nigel Pennick

Pennick, Nigel: Ogham and Runic Magical Writing of Old Britain and Northern Europe, Fenris-Wolf, Bar Hill, 1978

Pennick, Nigel: Ogham and Coelbren: Keys to the Celtic Mysteries. ISBN= 1861631022.

Pennick, Nigel: Practical Magic in the Northern Tradition . ISBN=1870450167. Sometimes available through Rûna-Raven Press. Northern European folk magick; combines folklore and folk practice from the Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic peoples. Discusses perceptions of space and time, herb-lore, ceremonies, calendar, superstitions. Highly recommended.. Out of print. You may find a used copy.

Practical Magic in the Northern Tradition

Practical Magic in the Northern Tradition

Nigel Pennick

Pennick, Nigel: Rune Magic: The History & Practice of Ancient Runic Traditions. ISBN=1855381052. An overview of the history and practice of rune use, describing the various systems in use across Europe. Includes a discussion of the Northumbrian rune row which includes the runes Wolfsangel, Erda, Ul, Ziu, Sol. Out of print. Recommended. Hard to find. If you find a used copy, grab it.

Rune Magic

Rune Magic

Nigel Pennick

Pennick, Nigel: Runestaves and Oghams, Runestaff, Bar Hill, 1986 

Pennick, Nigel: Runic Astrology . ISBN=1898307458.  Out of print but you might be able to find a used copy.

Runic Astrology

Runic Astrology

Nigel Pennick

Pennick, Nigel: Secrets of the Runes : Discover the Magic of the Ancient Runic Alphabet , ISBN:0722537840. I haven't read ths one yet, but I like most of Pennick's other books. Out of print, so look for a used copy.

Pennick, Nigel: "The Origin of Ogam and Runestaves", Celtic Secrets, Stonehenge Viewpoint, Santa Barbara, 1990

Pennick, Nigel: The Rune Oracle, 1990

Pennick, Nigel: The Secret Lore of the Runes and Other Ancient Alphabets, Rider, London, 1991

Pennick, Nigel: The Complete Illustrated Guide to the Runes, ISBN: 0007129998 Highly recommended. A great book for both forbeginners. Experienced runers will enjoy it for the excellent artwork.

Peschel, Lisa A.: A Practical Guide to the Runes: Their Uses in Divination and Magick ISBN=0875425933. A nice beginner's book on runecasting and divination. Solid runelore except for the inclusion of the "blank" rune, which the reader should ignore.. Highly recommended for beginners

Practical Guide to the Runes

A Practical Guide to the Runes:

Lisa Peschel

Peterson, James M. and Marjorie Whitsitt: The Enchanted Alphabet: A Guide to Authentic Rune Magic and Divination . ISBN=0850307651.

Porter:J.R. and W.M.S. Russell (eds): Animals in Folklore . ISBN=0847660656. Note in particular the article by H.R. Ellis Davidson, "Shape-changing in the Old Norse Saga".

Pollington, Stephen: Rudiments of Runelore. ISBN:1898281165. Available from Anglo-Saxon Books, 25 Malpas Drive, Pinner, Middlesex, HA5, 1DQ England . A comprehensive introduction and a handy and inexpensive reference work for those with some knowledge of the subject. The Abecedarium Nordmannicum and the English, Norwegian and Icelandic rune poems are included as are two rune riddles, extracts from the Cynewulf poems and new work on the three Brandon runic inscriptions and the Norfolk 'Tiw' runes.

Rudiments of Runelore

Rudiments of Runelore

Stephen Pollington

Pushong, Carlyle A.: Rune Magic, Regency, London, 1978

Ravenwolf, Silver and Nigel Jackson: The Rune Oracle ,ISBN=1567183646. It includes the book, The Rune Mysteries and a set of large-sized runecards. Nice artwork.

The Rune Oracle

The Rune Oracle

Silver Ravenwolf and Nigel Jackson:

Ravenwolf, Silver , Nigel Jackson: Witches Runes : Insights from the Old European Magickal Traditions , 1999. These are not the futhark runes. Don't waste your money.. Not recommended. 

Redmond, Jeffery R.: Viking Hoaxes in North America., New York: Carlton Press, 1979. This author asserts that the Kensington Rune Stone was a fraud..

Reiergord, Thomas: The Kensington Rune Stone: Its Place in History. ISBN=1880654245. The language used on the rune stone is the same as the vernacular on historical legal documents written between 1355 and 1375. Recommended.

Renzulli, Maria Letizia: Zen Runes Kit : An Inspirational Combination of Rune Wisdom and Zen Insight ,. ISBN= 1862043167. Not recommended; it's new age crap..

Zen Runes Kit

Zen Runes Kit

Maria Renzulli

Rogers, Elwin: Labrynths of Speculation: The Kensington Rune Stone, 1898-1998. ISBN= 1575790963.

 Rodrigues, Louis: Anglo-Saxon Verse Runes . ISBN=0947992944.

Rodrigues, Louis J. : Anglo-Saxon Verse Charms, Maxims and Heroic Legends, ISBN=1898281017. Available from Anglo-Saxon Books Co. The Germanic tribes which settled in Britain during the fifth and early sixth centuries brought with them folk-tales, legends, rune-lore, magic charms against misfortune and illness, herbal cures, and the wisdom of experience enshrined in maxims and gnomic verse.

Rosen, Sven & Rickard, Bob: "The Runamo Runes" Fortean Times 35, 1981

Rune-Gild: The Gildisbok. A comprehensive guide to the Work of the Rune-Gild, available only to Rune-Gild members. For information about joining the Gild, write to The Rune-Gild, P.O. Box 7622, Austin, TX 78602. Rune-Gild Vinland

Rune-Gild: "Rune-Kevils" "Rune-Kevils" is the subscription magazine of the Rune-Gild, which is an initiatory organization dedicated to true self-development according to the traditions of the North. Rune-Gild, POB 7622, Austin, TX 78713 . Rune-Gild Vinland

Ryall, Rhiannon: Weaving a web of Magic: A Potpouri of Rituals, Chants, Dances, Webs, Cords, Runes, Talismans, and Magical Information . ISBN=189830792X.

Saint-Germaine, Jon: Runic Palmistry. ISBN: 1567185770 What hooey! Not recommended.

Shamayyim, Maia C.: Runeweaving: Meditations with the Runes, Johannine Grove, 1985, ISBN: 188842012X. Try Barnes & Nobles.

Sheil, Thorr: Around the Magick. Trollwise Publications. PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. An introduction to magick and metaphysics, plus an exploration of mythic themes behind holidays and modern life.

Sheil, Thorr: Around the Myths. Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. The myths that shaped current society, with a look at historical factors, cultural models, and religious influences.

Sheil, Thorr: Around the Myths Again. Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. Further study covering new face of old legend, Urban man vs. Nature, religious values & myth, the adulteration of myth for doctrinal purposes, and more.

Sheil, Thorr:Biomagick.Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. The place where magick and instinct rule. Covers instinct, compulsion, reptilian mind versus human evolution, sex magick and more.

Sheil, Thorr: Hedenskap: The Folk Belief of Ancient Scandinavia.. Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. The old Norse Heathen religion as it was practiced by the common folk, including Gods, other beings, Runes, magick, ethics and more. Includes The Old Norse Wizard as a special section.

Sheil, Thorr: Magickal Problems: The Human Factor.Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. Identifies problems caused by human frailties, how to remedy them, and how to use magick to rebuild your life.

Sheil, Thorr: Master Spell Craft Series, Vol I. Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. Fundamentals and Foundation Principles: the development of magickal power, use of symbols, and training of the mind and body.

Sheil, Thorr: Master Spell Craft Series, Vol II. Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. Advanced Spoken Spellcraft: a study of spoken spells, with comparisons of technologies from Norse Tradition, Ceremonial magick, mantra and metaphysics.

Sheil, Thorr: Master Spell Craft Series, Vol III. Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. Spellcraft of the Elements and Figure Spells: the factors involved in spells of Fire, Water, Earth and Air, with many sample spells plus an entire section on the magickal use of images, dolls, etc.

Sheil, Thorr: Master Spell Craft Series, Vol IV. Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. Knotcraft, Herbcraft, Magickal Devices and Spells of Home and Nature: covers spells with knots and cords, the uses of plants in magick, magickal devices and contraptions, plus spells for use in home, forest or beach.

Sheil, Thorr: Master Spell Craft Series, Vol V. Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. The Final Volume: Talismans and Magickal Symbols: compares the symbolic and talismanic workings of several Traditions, with information on how to successfully employ talismans and symbols.

Sheil, Thorr: Old Norse Magickal Universe Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. The magickal concept of the structure of the mind, the world and the spiritual planes.

Sheil, Thorr: Old Norse Ritual for Magick and Worship Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. A basic guide in making personal rites for the Norse Traditional holidays, events, and worship.

Sheil, Thorr: Old Norse Rune Mysteries and Rune Codes. Trollwise Publications.

Sheil, Thorr: Old Norse Runecraft, Spellcraft and Magick, Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. Combines the essential materials of Rune magick, spoken charms and Norse spellcraft into one single book.

Sheil, Thorr: Runes of Mind: the Runes of Human Nature . Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. Runes as archetypes, indicators of personalities, and aspects of the self. Includes the most comprehensive listings of Runic attributes.

Sheil, Thorr: Spellcraft by Candlemagick. Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. A primer in candle magic for the newcomer for mainstream and Norse traditions. Includes spells, underlying principles, etc.

Sheil, Thorr: Spellcraft Problems and Solutions. Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. Tells when and where to use magick, alternatives to spells, and practical ways to take charge of situations.

Sheil, Thorr: The Road to Bifrost, Volume I: Beginning of the Journey . Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. Magickal basics, spiritual and magickal development, Runes, Northern lore, etc. Basic concepts, including full coverage and practical application of polarity, the elements, and other foundation principles.

Sheil, Thorr: The Road to Bifrost., Volume II: Magickal Development . Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. Magickal basics, spiritual and magickal development, Runes, Northern lore, etc. The process of magickal and spiritual development, including meditation, contemplation, exercises and the making of equipment plus a full explanation and study of magickal forces acting in both the subtle and physical worlds.

Sheil, Thorr: The Road to Bifrost., Volume III: Runes and Holy Signs. Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. Detailed study of the Runes of Scandinavia, Germany and England, their mundane and magickal uses, how they affect the physical as well as subtle realms, plus a complete and detailed study of Norse and German sigils, symbols and holy signs.

Sheil, Thorr: The Road to Bifrost., Volume IV: The Bifrost Spellcaster. Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. A study of actual magickal practices, using mental magick, applications of Runes and symbols, natural materials, man-made objects, plus a comprehensive study of divination and of protective and defensive magick.

Sheil, Thorr: The Road to Bifrost., Volume V: The Beliefs . Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. A look at the Norse and Germanic beliefs about the nature of the world, Divinity, Humanity, Wyrd and other forces, plus a detailed survey of various mythical and legendaruy entities, their inner meaning and their place in the overall scheme of things. Includes a catalog of deities complete with their attributes and other facts necessary to successful worship.

Sheil, Thorr: The Road to Bifrost., Volume VI: The Inner Work. Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. A deep look at the inner side of magick, the meaning of spirituality, and the rites and practices which ensure spoiritual development. Includes ethics, practical meditative techniques and other advanced materials.

Sheil, Thorr: The Wizard Lectures: Let's Get Real. Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005.

Sheil, Thorr: The Wizard's Cupboard. Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. Includes instruction on making incenses, baths, etc

Sheil, Thorr: Troubleshooting Magickal Problems. Trollwise Publications, PO Box 080437, Staten Island, NY 10308-0005. A primer in avoiding and handling common problems, including little-known side effects, accidents, and mischief.

Sheppard, Susan: A Witch's Runes: How to Make and Use your own Magick Stones .Citadel, 1998, ISBN=0806519967. These are not futhark runes. Not recommended.

Simpson , H.F.Morland, J.Romilly Allen: The Southesk and Other Rune Prime-Staves or Scandinavian Wooden Calendars Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland Vol XXV . Edinburgh: , 1861. Swedish Rune Staves; Runes carved into walking sticks with Solstice and solar and star calendar associations

Smith, Jennifer: Raido: The Runic Journey, Self-published.,  Tarahill Designs, P.O. Box 23074, 55 Ontario St. S., Milton, ON L9T 5B4. The author explores the hidden meanings of the runes through myth and magical insight. 'Raido' represents a unique approach to the runes by using their sequence as a metaphor for the spiritual odyssey. The journeyer experiences the lessons of each rune in turn, and discovers the depth of wisdom of the old Norse myths along the way. This volume is available alone, or as part of a set with handcrafted wood rune. Recommended..

Raido: the Runic Journey 

Smith, Jennifer: Runic Journeys: Daily Meditations on the Norse Runes. From Tarahill Designs , P.O. Box 23074, 55 Ontario St. S., Milton, ON L9T 5B4. A companion volume to Raido: the Runic Journey, this pocket-sized booklet serves as a reference guide, a workbook, a journal, and a series of daily rune meditations. The booklet includes keywords, imagery, related myths, divinatory meanings, and space for notes for each rune. Recommended.

Runic Journeys

Starchild, Zera: The Aquarian Runes: The Ancient Art of Runcasting Enters the Aquarian Age. ISBN= 0963297023. Not recommended. New Age tripe.

Steffen, Kevin: Der Wikinger Rune Game. Available from Night Winds, Rt 5, Box 249AA, Fayetteville, NC 28301, (910) 483-2454.

Steffen, Kevin: Runic States, the Shamanic Perception of Quantum Realities, ISBN=1573531081. By "reverse engineering" from the cultural artifacts of the runes and their residual divinatory meanings, Steffen presents a system of shamanic symbols which meshes well with the cosmologies of modern physics. A full system of meditative and divinatory practice using the runes as archetypal symbols, including graphic mandalas for each rune and its correspondences. Strange book; not recommended.

Runic States

Runic State

Kevin: Steffen

Stephens, George: Handbook of the Old-Northern Runic Monuments of Scandinavia and England . ISBN=1897853025.

Storms, Godfried:: Anglo-Saxon Magic,. ISBN= 0849224896.

Strandwold, Olaf, Norse Inscriptions on American Stones, 1948. Strandwold illustrates and translates twenty four Norse runic inscriptions, some containing dates, found in locations stretching from Massachusetts to West Virginia.

Svensson, Horik: The Secret of the Runes: The Future Interpreted with This Ancient Nordic System of Divination: Divine the Future with This Ancient Norse Oracle. ISBN=1852275677. Comes with 25 terra cotta rune stones in bag. While the book illustrates and discusses the runes of the Elder Futhark, the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc names are used. Not very inaccurate. Not recommended.

Svensson, Horik: The Runes ( New Age Pocket Guides) ISBN=1858684315. Out of Print.

Syversen, Earl: Norse Runic Inscriptions, with their long-forgotten cryptography . ISBN=0892880309.

Taylor, I.: Greeks and Goths: A Study on the Runes, London, 1897

Thompson, Claiborne W. Studies in Uplandic Runography , ISBN=0292775113.

Thorsson, Edred: Runecaster's Handbook : At the Well of Wyrd. ISBN=157863136X. A solid introduction to Elder Futhark runic divination, including instructions on making your own runes. Of Thorsson's "runic trilogy" (At the Well of Wyrd, Futhark, and Runelore) only the first is written with the novice in mind.. HIghly recommended

Runecaster's Handbook

Runecaster's Handbook : At the Well of Wyrd

Edred Thorsson

Thorsson, Edred: At the Well of Wyrd: A Handbook of Runic Divination , Samuel Weiser, 1988, Same book, different title. Out of print, but you might find a used copy.

At the Well of Wyrd

Thorsson, Edred: Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic, ISBN=0877285489. Also available from Rûna-Raven Press, PO Box 557, Smithville, TX 78957. One of the better books concerning the magical uses of the runes of the Elder Futhark. While Thorsson has been criticized for relying on interpretative work done by German scholars on the eve of WWII, largely his scholarship is sound.. Highly recommended.


Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic

Edred Throsson

Thorsson, Edred (Stephen Flowers): Green Runa, Rûna-Raven Press, 1996,ISBN=1885972032. Available from Rûna-Raven Press, P.O. Box 557 Smithville, TX 78957. Sub-titled "The Runemaster's Notebook: The Shorter Works of Edred Thorsson", this is a collection of articles written for "The Runestone", "Raven Banner", and "New Runa" from 1978-1985. It also contains a biography of Thorsson.

Green Runa 

Thorsson, Edred: Northern Magic: Mysteries of the Norse, Germans & English, ISBN=0875427820. Also available from Rûna-Raven Press, PO Box 557, Smithville, TX 78957. This is the only book that I know of that discusses the Younger Futhark at any length. There is also an interesting section on hex-craft. This is not one of Thorsson's better works. There is material for the basis of three different books here. In my opinion, the parts do not fit together particularly well.. Not recommended unless you need something on the Younger Futhark.

Northern Magic

Northern Magic

Edred Thorsson

Thorsson, Edred: Rune Song. May be available through Rûna-Raven Press, PO Box 557, Smithville, TX 78957. An audiotape and book of phonetic sounds for use in oral rune magick.

Thorsson, Edred: Runelore: A Handbook of Esoteric Runology, ISBN=0877286671. Also available from Rûna-Raven Press , PO Box 557, Smithville, TX 78957. More advanced rune work in the 24 rune tradition. Good historical information, descriptions of runes, cosmology, etc. Discusses the history of the runes in the Viking age, the medieval period, and the Nazi revival of runelore. This is the best of Thorsson's books and the one I turn to most often. If I could have only one book on runes, this would be it. Highly recommende.



Edred Thorsson

Thorsson, Edred: Rune-Might: Secrets of the German Rune Magicians. ISBN=087542772. Also available from Rûna-Raven Press, PO Box 557, Smithville, TX 78957. An introduction to the world of the early 20th Century German rune magicians who were responsible for the runic revival and the Armanen runes. Discusses the Rune Yoga developed by Guido von List.

Thorsson, Edred: The Nine Doors of Midgard: A Complete Curriculum of Rune Magic . ISBN=0875427812. Also available from Rûna-Raven Press, PO Box 557, Smithville, TX 78957. The original course of study and practice used by the Rune-Gild. In addition to the study of runecasting, it includes runic yoga, meditation, talismanic magic, and runic incantations.

Nine Doors of Midgard

Thorsson, Edred: The Truth about Teutonic Magic (Vangard Series). ISBN= 0875427790. Only 64 pages, a simple overview.

Tremaine, Jon: Casting the Runes: Unlock the Ancient Craft of Self Prediction . ISBN=1556705034. Thin hardcover book with card set. Nice artwork

Casting the Runes

Casting the Runes

Jon Tremaine

Tyson, Donald: Rune Dice. ISBN=156718748X. The Rune Dice kit includes four wooden rune dice and a book explaining their uses in divination and magic. Sorry, I don't get itt - why would one want to use dice to cast runes? Not recommended.

Rune Dice

Rune Dice

Donald Tyson

Tyson, Donald: Rune Magic, ISBN=0875428266. This book resurrects ancient techniques of rune magic and integrates them with modern occultism. It is about the magical alphabet of the north European peoples, its background, history, and use in ritual and divination. Recommended.

Rune Magic

Rune Magic,

Donald Tyson

Tyson, Donald: Rune Magic Cards , ISBN=0875428274.(24 cards).Not as colorful as Blum's Rune Cards, but at least you can see the runes. The subtle accompanying illustrations are imaginative. This set of 24 medium sized cards illustrates each of the Futhark runes in a 2-color format. Contains a little pamphlet with brief divinatory meanings. I like these cards better than most of the other card sets. Plain, simple, strong focus on the runes, and a manageable size. Recommended.

Rune Magic Cards

Rune Magic Cards

Donald Tyson

Tyson, Donald: The Power of the Runes: A Complete Kit for Divination and Magic . ISBN=0875428282. The kit contains Rune Magic, a guide to effective runework, and the Rune Magic card deck.

Voenix: Power of the Runes Deck, ISBN = 1572810874.

Wahlgren, Erik: The Kensington Rune-stone: A Mystery Solved., Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1958. He believes the runestone is a forgery.

Wahlgren, Erik: "The Runes of Kensington". Studies in Honor of Albert Morey Sturtevant., Westport: Greenwood Press, 1970.

Wardle, Thoralf: Rune Lore, Freya's Folk, 537 Jones Street #165, San Francisco, CA 95102-2007

Wardle, Thoralf: The Runenames, Deutchglaubige Geminschaft, Braunschweig, 1984

Willis,Tony: Discover Runes, ISBN=0806903546. Out of print. If unavailable, see The Runic Workbook below.

Willis, Tony: The Rune User's Handbook, The Aquarian Press, London

Willis, Tony: The Runic Workbook: Understanding and Using the Power of Runes. ISBN=0806981709. Virtually identical in content to his other book, Discover Runes, only in a larger format. Don't buy both, pick one or the other. This one may be easier to find. A good introductory book, discussing runecasting layouts and bindrunes, as well as divination. He encourages the keeping of a personal divination journal and the slow absorption of the runic meanings and casting techniques. The Elder Futhark runic proportions, frequently ignored by other authors, are demonstrated. Recommended.

Wolfton, Stig: The Fly Agaric: Ancient Berserkers Boon or Shaman's Elixir. Coxland Pub, 1994, ISBN=187254301. A guide to the usage and the history and mythology of this halucigenic mushroom. Includes chapters on the Shamans, Berserkers, the Flesh of the Gods, Chemistry, Preserving & Collecting, Risks, Amanitaceae.

Zoller, Robert: Skaldic Number-Lore, The Rune-Gild, 1986. Try Rûna-Raven Press, PO Box 557, Smithville, TX 78957

Zoller, Robert: Towards a Germanic Esoteric Astronomy, the Rune-Gild, 1986. Try Rûna-Raven Press

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