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This bibilography contains sagas, poetry, period literature and academic books about them. The books are in alphabetical order by author, translator, or editor. To find a specific title, use the FIND command on your browser. See the Sagas page of this website for a list of the most well-known sagas and links to those found online.

If the title is hyperlinked, the book can be ordered from Click on the hyperlinked title to be taken to When possible, I've identified other sources, such as Rûna-Raven Press or Anglo-Saxon Books or Mal og Menning Icelandic Bookstore.. I've found used copies on eBay, , and . The older ones may be available in a large public or university library.

It has been brought to my attention that my bibliographies have been extracted verbatim by lazy college students, for use in their own term papers. Of course, it doesn't fool anyone. However, to make it a teeny bit more difficult, I've removed the publication data. They can still copy, but they'll have to do a bit more work. One does have to wonder if they've also copied the term papers.

Old Norse Literature and Mythology; a Symposium, ISBN=0292783868

Structure and meaning in old Norse literature : new approaches to textual analysis and literary criticism, ISBN=8774926071.

Acker, Paul, Ackerman, Paul D: Revising Oral Theory : Formulaic Composition in Old English and Old Icelandic Verse (Garland Studies in Medieval Literature) Garland Publishing, 1998; ISBN: 0815331029

Alexander, Michael (Ed.): Beowulf, Penguin USA, 1995; ISBN: 0140433775. Not an Icelandic saga, but a northern tale in the saga tradition.

Anderson, George K., Saga of the Volsungs, Together With Excerpts from the Nornagesthattr and Three Chapters from the Prose Edda:, ISBN= 0874131723. The story of Siegfried (Sigurdr) and the dragon and the ring, etc. An important source for the Wagner operas. The Vosunga Saga is Icelandic , whereas the Niebelunglied was written in Germany about 70 years prior to the Icelandic version

Anderson, Poul: Hrólf Krakiís Saga (Hrólf Saga kraka), Ballentine Books, New York, 1990, ISBN= 0345235622, A retelling of the an Old Norse saga existing only in fragments in the original. Hrolf Kraki was a berzerker who took the shape of a bear in battle, while his body remained in a trance.

Anderson, Joseph (Ed.): Orkneyinga Saga ;  ISBN= 0901824259

Anderson, Theodore M, and Miller, William Ian: Law and Literature in Medieval Iceland : Ljosvetninga Saga and Valla-Ljots Saga, ISBN=0804715327

Andersson, Theodore Murdock; Morkinskinna : The Earliest Icelandic Chronicle of the Norwegian Kings (1030-1157), ISBN= 080143694X

Andersson, Theodore Murdock, The Legend of Brynhild, (Islandica XLIII), ISBN= 0801413028.

Armour, Margaret (tr.): The Fall of the Nibelungs, ISBN= 0827423292.

Bachman, W. Bryant Jr. and Erlingsson, Gudmundur (tr): Saga of Finnbogi the Strong - Finnboga Saga Ramma, Hardcover ISBN=0819175943. Paperback ISBN=0819175951

Bachman, W.Bryant (Tr.); Erlingsson, Gudmundur (Tr.): Svarfdale Saga ISBN= 0819195138

Bachman, W.Bryant (Tr.); Erlingsson, Gudmundur (Tr): Heidarviga Saga ;   ISBN= 0761800913

Bachman , W. Bryant, Jr.: The Sagas of King Half and King Hrolf , ISBN= 0819181226

Bachman, W. Bryant, Jr. (tr): Forty Old Icelandic Tales, ISBN= 0819184993. This is a collection of Icelandic ttir- includes:

1.The Story of Bodvar Bjarki ,
2.The Story of Hauk the Tall,
3.The Story of Harald the Greenlander,
4.The Story of Thorleif Jarl's Skald,
5.The Story of Ogmund the Hard-Hit,
6.The Story of Helgi and Ulf,
7.The Story of Eindridi Flat-Foot,
8.The Story of Thorstein Shiver,
9.The Story of Thorvald Tasaldi,
10.The Story of Red the Strong,
11.The Story of Eymund of Skara,
12.The Story of Eindridi and Erling,
13.The Story of Thormod Coal-Brow's Skald ,
14.The Story of Toki ,
15.The Volsi Story ,
16.The Story of Thorgrim Hallason ,
17.The Story of Hrafn Gudrunson,
18.The Story of Thorstein the Eastfjorder,
19.The Story of Hreidar,
20.The Story of Audun the Westfjorder,
21.The Story of Brand the Unselfish,
22.The Story of Stuf,
23.The Story of Odd Ofeigson,
24.The Story of Shuttle-Halli,
25.The First Story of Halldor Snorrason,
26.The Second Story of Halldor Snarrason,
27.The Story of Thorstein the Saga-Teller,
28.The Story of Thorvald Crow-Nose,
29.The Story of Blood Egil,
30.The Story of Gisl Illugason ,
31.The Story of Einar Skulason,
32.The Story of Gold Asa-Thord,
33.The Story of Ivar Ingimundson,
34.The Story of Thorarin Short-Cloak,
35.The Story of Mani the Icelander,
36.The Story of Hromund the Lame,
37.The Story of Ale-Cap,
38.The Story of Thorstein Goad-Struck,
39.The Story of Brandkrossa,
40.The Story of Jokul Buason.

Bachman, W. Bryant , Jr.(tr): Four Old Icelandic Sagas and Other Tales, ISBN= 0819147044 - includes:

1.The Saga of Clever Ref (Króka-Refs Saga),
2.The Story of Thorstein of the East Fjords, (thorsteins thættur Austfirdings),
3.The Saga of Valla Ljot (Valla-Ljóts Saga),
4.The Story of Thorvard Crow-Nose,
5.The Story of Shuttle Halli,
6.The Story of Gold Asa-Thord,
7.The Saga of the Oath-Bound Men,
8.The Story of Gisl Illugason,
9.The Saga of Bjorn, Champion of Hitardale

Bachman, W. Bryant Jr. and Erlingsson, Gudmundur: Six Old Icelandic Sagas, ISBN= 0819191566 - includes:

1.Hrormund's Saga,
2.The Saga of Yngvar the Explorer,
3.The Saga of Ali Flekk,
4.The Saga of Illugi, Grid's Foster Son,
5.Sorli's Story,
6.The Saga of Asmund the Champion-Killer.

Bagge, Sverre: Society and Politics in Snorri Sturluson's Heimskringla, ISBN= 0520068874

Bagge, Sverre : The Political Thought of the King's Mirror (Konungs Skuggsja) ISBN= 8774925962

Bayerschmidt, Carl F. and Lee Hollander (tr): Njals Saga (Brenna-Njals Saga), ISBN= 031320814X.

Bekker, Hugo: The;Nibelungenlied , a literary analysis. ISBN= 0802052355

Blake, N.F. (tr) Saga of the Jomvikings.

Boucher, Alan.(Tr.): Saga Treasures - Iceland Review offers English-speaking readers a selection of representative samples from the best of Icelandic Saga literature. Seven volumes of selected stories from classical Icelandic Saga literature, translated into English. Published for the student and the general reader alike, each volume includes a scholarly introduction and explanatory notes. Mal og Menning Icelandic Bookstore

Bradley, S.A.J.: Anglo-Saxon Poetry (Everyman's Library). ISBN=0460875078,

Bragason, Úlfar (ed.): Wagner's Ring and its Icelandic Sources: A Symposium at the Reykjavík Arts Festival, 29. May 1994, English. Reykjavík, Stofnun Sigurdar Nordals, 1995. Available from Mal og Menning Icelandic Bookstore. Reference no.: VA0156.

Brent, Peter Ludwig: The Viking Saga ISBN= 0399115218

Brooke, Roger: The Viking Saga ISBN= 0817225110.

Byock, Jesse: Feud in the Icelandic Saga, ISBN=0520082591 (hardcover).  ISBN=0520082591 paperback. Byock has not only succeeded in grounding, in a convincing manner, the social roles of individuals in the sagas, but moreover, he has also laid bare the role of narrative in Old Icelandic society.

Bylock, Jesse (tr.), The Saga of King Hrolf Kraki (Penguin Classics) ISBN: 014043593X

Byock, Jesse L. (tr.) The Saga of the Volsungs: The Norse Epic of Sigurd the Dragon Slayer ISBN= 0520069048. Based on Viking Age poems and composed in thirteenth-century Iceland, The Saga of the Volsungs combines mythology, legend, and sheer human drama in telling of the heroic deeds of Sigurd the dragon slayer, who acquires runic knowledge from one of Odin's Valkyries. Yet the saga is set in a very human world, incorporating oral memories of the fourth and fifth centuries, when Attila the Hun and other warriors fought on the northern frontiers of the Roman empire. In his illuminating Introduction Jesse L. Byock links the historical Huns, Burgundians, and Goths with the extraordinary events of this Icelandic saga.

Campbell, A. (ed.): Skaldic verse and Anglo-Saxon history, ISBN= 0718603796. The Dorothea Coke Memorial Lecture in northern studies delivered at University College London, 17 March 1970.

Cavill, Paul, Stephen E. Harding, and Judith Jesch: Wirral and its Viking Heritage, ISBN= 0904889599.

Clayton, Richard: Prince of the Lake: Being the First Six Chronicles of the Saga of Beowulf ; ISBN=1899334025

Clover, Carol : The Medieval Saga ISBN= 0801414474.. Written in the thirteenth century, the Icelandic prose sagas, chronicling the lives of kings and commoners, give a dramatic account of the first century after the settlement of Iceland. The evolution of the written sagas is commonly regarded as an anomalous phenomenon, distinct from contemporary developments in European literature. In this groundbreaking study, Carol J. Clover challenges this view and relates the rise of imaginative prose in Iceland directly to the rise of imaginative prose on the Continent.

Clover, Carol J. and John Lindow: Old Norse-Icelandic Literature : A Critical Guide (Islandica, 45), ISBN= 0801417554.

Collingwood, W.G:. The Life and Death of Cormac the Skald: Being the Icelandic Kormaks Saga,  ISBN=0947992650

Cook, Robert (ed) Njal's Saga, ISBN= 0140447695. Set in the south of Iceland, around the time of the conversion to Christianity in the year 1000, this saga follows a fifty-year blood feud from its violent beginnings to its tragic end. The spare and simple narrative centres on Njal Thorgeirsson who, with his family, is burnt alive in his home by a band of enemies. The saga exposes the inadequacy of the law to resolve deep human conflicts and the cathartic power of vengeance.

Cowsill, Miles; Hendy, John : The Viking Saga ; ISBN= 0951309323

Craigie, William.A. (tr.): Icelandic Sagas, Kraus Reprints, Millwood, NY, ISBN= 0527201006,

Dasent, George N. (tr): Saga of Burnt Njal,

Dickins, Bruce (ed.): Runic and Heroic Poems of the Old Teutonic Peoples, ISBN+ 0766178323.

Dronke, Ursula : Myth and Fiction in Early Norse Lands (Collected Studies, 524), ISBN= 0860785459.

Dronke, Ursula: Role of Sexual Themes in Njal's Saga, Viking Soc. for Northern Research, 1980, ISBN= 0903521172

Durrenberger, E. Paul and Durrenberger, Dorothy: Saga of Gunnlaugur Snake's Tongue (The) - Gunnlaugs Saga Ormstungu, Farleigh Dickenson Press. ISBN=0838634656.

Eddison, E.R. (tr): Egil's Saga, Done into English out of the Icelandic, Greenwood Press, 1968. ISBN= 0837104025.

Einarsson, Stefán: A History of Icelandic Literature, ISBN= 0801801869.

Ellis-Davison, Hilda Roderick, Brewer, DS: Saxo Grammaticus: The History of the Danes Books I-IX, 1998, ISBN=0859915026 - Not a saga, but it belongs here anyway.

Ellwood, Thomas (tr): Landnamabok, Wales: Llanerch Press

Erlingsson, Gudmundur, (tr.): Saga of Finboggi the Strong, New York: University Press of America, 1990.

Erlingsson, Thorsteinn: Ruins of the Saga-Time in Iceland (Extra Series / Viking Society, V. 2), 1990, ISBN=0404600220.

Fell, Christine E. (tr.): Egils Saga, Everyman's Library, ISBN= 0460872656 Adventures of a semi-likeable scoundrel in Pagan Norway. Found in Fornaldarsogur. Middle of 9th-end of 10th centuries.

Finch, R.G. (tr.): Saga of the Volsungs, London: Nelson, 1965

Finlay, Alison: Saga of Bjorn: Champion of the Men of Hitadale, ISBN= 1874312265

Foster, Warren (Ed) et al: Erec Saga and Ivens Saga : The Old Norse Versions of Chretien De Troyes's Erec and Yvain, Blaisdell,, ISBN= 0803209258 

Fox, Denton & Pálsson, Hermann (tr.,) Foote, Peter; Quirk, Randolph (Ed.): Grettir's Saga. ISBN= 0802061656.. From an early age, the gigantic Grettir the Strong allows no man to show him disrespect without challenging him to a duel to the death. After one too many challenges, the combined Icelandic chieftains at the Althing sentence him to outlawry, which means, in essence, that anyone could kill him at any time without being held responsible.

Frank, Roberta: Old Norse Court Poetry: The Drottkvaett Stanza (Islandica; 42), ISBN= 0801410606.

Friis-Jensen, Karsten: Saxo Grammaticus as Latin poet; studies in the verse passages of the Gesta Danorum, ISBN= 887062627X.

Gade, Kari Ellen: Structure of Old Norse Drottkvaett Poetry (The) (Islandica, 49), ISBN= 0801430232. The drttkvtt was a form of Old Norse skaldic poetry composed to glorify a chieftain's deeds or to lament his death. Kari Ellen Gade explores the structural peculiarities of ninth- and tenth-century drttkvtt poetry and suggests a solution to the mystery of the origins of the drttkvtt and its eventual demise in the fourteenth century.

Green, W.C. (tr): Egil's Saga,

Grimes, Heilan Yvette: The Legend of the Nibelungenlied (Scandinavian Saga Literature Series No. 2), ISBN= 0893415804  

Grimes, Heilan Yvette: The Norse Myths (Scandinavian Saga Literature Series No. 1), ISBN= 0893415782

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Hallberg, Peter : Old Icelandic Poetry : Eddic Lay and Skaldic Verse, ISBN= 0803208553.

Hansen, George P.: Legend of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, as found in the works of Saxo Grammaticus and other writers of the twelfth century, ISBN= 0404031056.

Harding, Stephen: Ingimund's Saga: Norwegian Wirral, Countyvise Ltd., 14 Appin Road, Birkenhead, CH41 9HH, UK. ISBN=1871201098. 1100 years ago a group of Viking Settlers from Norway arrived on the shores of north Wirral - a small peninsula lying between the Rivers Dee and Mersey - having been driven out of Ireland. This initiated a mass migration of their fellow countrymen into the area and soon they had established a community with a clearly defined border, its own leader, its own language (Norse), a trading port, and at its centre a place of assembly or government - the Thing at Thingwall. This community was answerable to nobody else: the English, the Welsh, the Dublin Norse, the Isle of Man, Iceland, and not even Norway. Related title: Wirral and its Viking Heritage, by Paul Cavill, Stephen E. Harding and Judith Jesch ISBN= 0904889599

Hatto, A.T. (tr.): Nibelungenlied, Penguin Books, ISBN= 0140441379. The German version of the Sigfried/Sigurdr legend..

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Herford, C.H.: Norse Myth in English Poetry, Folcroft Press, Folcroft PA, 1970

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Hollander, Lee M. (tr.): Saga of the Jomsvikings (Jómsvikínga Saga), ISBN= 0292776233  Saga of a warrior society living on an island in the Baltic, to which no women were admitted..

Hollander, Lee M.(Tr.): Njal's Saga , ISBN=1853267856. Probably the best source of information on Norse pagan society operating at full efficiency

Johnston, George ( Tr.): The Schemers and Viga-Glum: Bandamanna and Viga-Glum's Saga, ISBN: 0889841896

Johnson, George (tr): Saga of Gisli (The) (Gísla saga Súrssonar), ISBN= 0460102524.

Jones, Gwyn (tr.): Vatndæler's Saga, ISBN= 052792850X.

Jones, Gwyn (tr.): Norse Atlantic Saga (The) : Being the Norse Voyages of Discovery and Settlement to Iceland, Greenland, and North America, Oxford ISBN=0192851608."The Saga of Ragnar Lodbrokr continues and finishes the legend."

Jones, Gwyn (tr.): Eirik the Red and Other Icelandic Sagas, ISBN=0192835300, Includes:

1.Hen-Thorir (Hænsna-fióris Saga),
2.The Vapnfjord Men (Vopnfirdinga Saga),
3.Thorsteinn Staff-Struck (Thorsteins thættur stangarhöggs) ,
4.Hrafnkel the Priest of Frey (Hrafnkels saga Freysgoda),
5.Erik the Red (Eiríks Saga Rauda),
6.Thidrandi Whom the Godess Slew (thidranda thættur Sídu-Hallssonar),
7.Authun and the Bear (Audunar fiáttur Vestfirzka),
8.Gunnlaug Wormtongue (Gunnlaugs Saga Ormstungu),
9.King Hrolf and his Champions (Hrólfs Saga Kraka)

Jones, Terry: Saga of Erik the Viking (The), ISBN=080523876X

Jonsson, Finnur: Landnamabok I-III, ISBN= 0404187064

Jonsson, Karl: King Sverrir's Saga,

Kalinke, Marianne E.: King Arthur, North-by-Northwest: The Matiáere de Bretagne in Old Norse-Icelandic Romances, ISBN= 8774213164.

Kalinke, Marianne (Ed.): Norse Romances: The Tristan Legend ISBN=: 0859915522

Karason, Styrmir (tr) St. Olaf's Saga,

Kellogg, Robert; Smiley, Jane: Sagas of the Icelanders (The). ISBN= 0670889903 The 10 Sagas and seven shorter tales in this volume include the celebrated Vinland Sagas, which recount Leif Eiriksson's pioneering voyage to the New World and contain the oldest descriptions of the North American continent.

Kershaw, Nora, ed, trans.: Stories and Ballads of the Far Past, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1921

Leach, H.G. (tr): Pageant of Old Scandinavia, ISBN= 0836960254. Contains excerpts of hard-to-find materials:

1. Viga-Glum's saga,
2. Kormak's saga,
3. Kristni saga,
4. Stufs saga,
5. Saga of The Faroe Islands, others.

Larrington, Carolyne: A Store of Common Sense: Gnomic Theme and Style in Old Icelandic and Old English Wisdom Poetry, ISBN= 0198119828.  

Larson, L.M. (tr): Konungs Skuggsja (The King's Mirror), New York, 1917

Lindsley, Kathleen (Ill.); Palsson, Hermann (Tr.);Edwards, Paul (Tr.): Magnus' Saga: Life of St. Magnus, Earl of Orkney, 1075-1116 ; Kirk Session of St. Magnus' Cathedral, 1996,  ISBN=0952816407

Mageroy, Hallvard (Ed.): Bandamanna Saga, Viking Soc. for Northern Research, 1981, ISBN=0903521156.

Magnusson, Magnus & Palsson, Hermann (tr.): Grænlendinga Saga (The Greenlanders Saga), ISBN= 0887502032. Found in Flateyjarbók, this saga includes one of the accounts of the discovery of America.

Magnuson, Magnus; Palsson, Herman  and Edwards, Paul (tr.): Seven Viking Romances ISBN=0140444742. Includes 

1.Arrow-Odd (Örvar-Odds saga),
2.King Gautrek (Gautreks saga),
3.Halfdan Eysteinsson (Hálfdanar saga Eysteinssonar),
4.Bosi and Herraud (Bósa saga og Herrauæs),
5.Egil and Asmund (Egils saga einhenda og Asmundar saga berserkjabana),
6.Thorstein Mansion-Might (thorsteins tháttr bæjarmagns),
7.Helgi Thorisson (Helga tháttr fiórissonar).

Magnusson, M. Eirikr: Thomas Saga Erkibyskups: A Life of Archbishop Thomas Becket, in Icelandic, With English Translation, Notes and Glossary, ISBN= 0811511332

Magnusson, Magnus & Palsson, Hermann (tr.): Vinland Sagas : Norse Discovery of America. ISBN=0140441549. Includes: 1.Grænlendinga Saga, 2.Erik's Saga (Eiríks Saga Rauda) 

Magnuson, Magnus and Palsson, Herman (tr.): King Harald's Saga, ISBN=0140441832, from the Heimskringla of Snorri Sturlesson.

Magnuson, Magnus and Pilsson, Hermann (tr.): Njal's Saga (Brennu-Njáls Saga), ISBN= 0140441034. Probably the best source of information on Norse pagan society operating at full efficiency.

Magnusson, Magnus & Palsson, Hermann (tr.): Eirick's Saga, Erik the Red, outlawed from Iceland, founded a colony on the western coast of Greenland in the 10th Century. The story is set in Greenland some years after the Christian religion was imposed. . See Vinland Sagas.

Magnusson, Magnus (tr): Gisli's Saga (Gisla Saga), The saga of Gisli Surasson, who had a series of prophetic dreams while he was an outlaw pursued by enemies for seven years.

Magnusson, Magnus & Palsson, Hermann (tr.): Vinland Sagas: Norse Discovery of America. ISBN= 0140441549. Includes: Grænlendinga Saga, and.Erik's Saga (Eiríks Saga Rauda) 

Magnuson, Magnus and Palsson, Herman (tr.): Hrafenkel's Saga and other Icelandic Stories, ISBN= 0140442383   Contains: Thorstein Staff-Struck, Ale Hood, Hreidar, The Fool, Halldor Snorrason, Auden's Story, Ivar's Story.

Magnuson, Magnus and Palsson, Herman (tr.): Laxdaela Saga, ISBN= 0140442189, It takes several generations of ambushes, conniving marriages and bloody divorces, and even the introduction of Christianity around A.D. 1000 before the main story gets under way, namely the story of Gudrun Osvifs-daughter and her four marriages. This is no blushing romance: Look at Gudrun the wrong way, and start drafting your will!

Magnuson, Magnus (tr.): Iceland Saga, ISBN= 0370310748

McKinnell, John (Tr): Viga-Glums Saga : With the Tales of Ogmund Bash and Thorvald Chatterbox ISBN= 0862410843

McTurk, Rory: Studies in "Ragnar's Saga Lodbrokar" and Its Major Scandinavian Analogues ISBN= 0907570089

Miller, William Ian: Bloodtaking and Peacemaking : Feud, Law and Society in Saga Iceland ; ISBN=0226526801 ISBN=0226526798

Mitchell, Stephen A.: Heroic Sagas and Ballads (Myth and Poetics), ISBN= 0801425875.

Moeller, Ralf: Viking Sagas, VHS Tape, ISBN= 6304252307.

Molan, Chris: iThe Vking Saga, ISBN= 081722503X.

Morris, William Three Northern Love Stories and Other Tales.. ISBN= 1855064650. Contains Sørla þattr.

Morris, William, (tr.): The Story of Grettir the Strong, The Story of the Volsungs and the Niblungs ISBN=:1582014515

Newton, Sam: The rigins of Beowolf: and the Pre-Viking Kingdom of East Anglia, ISBN= 0859914720.

Nordal, Sigurdur: Hrafnkels Saga Freysgoda": A Study  ISBN= 0708308538.  

O'Donoghue, Heather: Genesis of a Saga Narrative::Verse and Prose in Kormaks Saga ; ISBN= 0198117833

Pálsson, Einar: Evil and the Earth: The Symbolic Background of Mördr Valgardsson in Njáls Saga:A Study in Medieval Allegory. English. 1993. Available from Mal og Menning Icelandic Bookstore. Ref.: 96-0952.

Palsson, Hermann and Edwards, Paul (tr.): Egil's Saga, ISBN= 0140443215. Demon, killer and drunkard, poet, lawyer and farmer: Egil is on eof the most individual and paradoxical characters to emerge from the Icelandic sagas.

Pálsson, Hermann (tr.): Gautrek's Saga,and Other Medieval Tales,   ISBN= 034009396X

Palsson, Hermann and Edwards, Paul (tr): Orkneyinga Saga: The History of the Earls of Orkney , ISBN= 0140443835. The saga traces the lives of the Norse rulers of the Orkney, Faroe, and Shetland islands from the ninth century to the thirteenth. For the Viking marauders who ravaged Europe, the Orkneys were a friendly refueling stop on the inbound and outbound voyages. The earls ruled not only the islands, but large chunks of the Scottish mainland and most of the Hebrides as well. So widespread were their lands that they were frequently forced into power-sharing arrangements with their kinsmen, which then turned into power struggles to the death.

Palsson, Hermann and Edwards, Paul (tr.): Eyrbyggja Saga,, ISBN= 0140445307, Adventures of a semi-likeable scoundrel in Pagan Norway. In Chapter 44 the protagonist uses runes to foil an attempt to poison him. One of the finest of the family sagas of Iceland, the story of outstanding men who lived in Snæfellness, composed in the mid 13th century.

Palsson, Hermann: Art and Ethics in Hrafnkel's Saga,

Palsson, Hermann; and Edwards, Paul (tr): Landnámabók (The Book of Settlements) , University of Manitoba Icelandic Studies, 1972 (Books Demand UMI), ISBN= 0835773426,

Palsson, Hermann : Hrafnkel's Saga and Other Icelandic Stories, ISBN= 0140442383. Hrafnkel's Saga is one of the classics of Icelandic literature, and for good reason. It tells the story of a man with a not-too-pleasant character who must endure--and learn from--the misfortune caused by his own actions.

Palsson, Hermann; and Edwards, Paul (tr.): Hrolf Gautrekson: A Viking Romance , ISBN= 0900025026,

Pálsson, Hermann and Edwards, Paul (tr): Göngu-Hrólfs Saga, ISBN= 0802023924

Pálsson, Hermann and Edwards, Paul: Vikings in Russia: Yngvar's Saga and Eymund's Saga, ISBN= 0852246234  

Palsson, Hermann and Edwards, Paul (tr.); Kyntlings Saga: a History of the Kings of Denmark, Coronet Books, Philadelphia, ISBN= 0835773426,

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Porter, John (Tr.): Bandamanna Saga,, ISBN=1897853130.  

Rackham, Arthur: Wagner's "Ring", Dover, New York, 1979

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