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Sucky to Savvy, by Jeffrey Glover

Learn to avoid the WORST design mistakes.

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See how your page looks on a different browser. They are different!


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The WDVL: Web Design

More than Meets the Eye

Recommended books

These are golden. These are the very best books I've found for beginners. The rest you can learn on the web. Don't waste your money buying others. Most are expensive, voluminous yet incomplete, and confusing. However, if you find one that's worthy, do let me know!

Unless you have a background in Art and Design, you can't imagine how little you know about design until you start working with a web page. The Williams' books are skinny, succinct, funny, and brilliant. Both cover layout, design, fonts and good taste! Don't touch an HTML editor until you've read one of them.

  • Robin Williams: The Non-Designer's Design Book, or
  • Robin Williams: The Non-Designer's Web Book. (This one contains virtually everything that's covered in the first, plus excellent lessons on web-building for the raw beginner. If you already know a bit about HTML, get the other--it's cheaper.)

These are essential reference books to have at your side constantly:

(You can order online from by clicking on the titles.)

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