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These pictures were sent to me by Jan Ivar Larsen, son of Rolf Larsen, foster son of Thomas Transeth.The pictures belonged to Ragna Transeth. Some are from Norway, some from USA. Please help us identify the people in these pictures, tell us stories about them, and correct or add to any of the information I have posted. Once we have the photos identified, I'll put them in a more coherent order. I plan to have a separate page for each of the nine children of Andreas Transeth, and a separate page for each of their descendent families.

You can download any of these pictures by right-clicking and selecting "Download to Disk". I also have TIFF format files of all of the photos shown, many in much larger sizes, which I will email to you on request.

If you have pictures which you would like to see added to this collection, you may either email them to me in JPEG format, or mail the originals photos to me to be scanned and returned to you.

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Jan Ivar Larsen
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Old house, before 1916

Det gamle huset på Transeth. Revet for lenge siden (1916?).
The old house at Transeth, torn down long ago (1916?)

This house was replaced by the a larger house in 1916. The new house was built on the other side of the road, as shown below.


The arrow shows where the old house stood.


Transeth, 1940

Transeth, ca 1940. Bildet er tatt mot sydøst.
Transeth, ca. 1940, taken from the southeast.


Transeth farm, 1959

Flyfoto Transeth 1959.
Transeth farm from the air, 1959



Andreas Andersen, born October 30, 1848, came to Røyken (Roken) from Kongsberg where he was trained as a shoemaker. He went to work managing the prestegard (pastor's farm) of Røyken church.

The estate was called "Transeth". The farm has been in continuous use since ca. 1450 A.D. A speculative origin of the name is "place of the cranes". In Norwegian, a crane is caled "trane", pronounced "trahn-ah".

Ragnhild Pettersen Kruke, from Øyer, also worked for the preste (pastor) of Røyken church, as as a housemaid . Andreas purchased a large portion of the farm, which was thus referred to as "Mellom Transeth" (Middle Transeth) and married Ragnhild. They became known as Transeth, after the name of the farm.

Smaller parts of the Transeth farm were known a "Nedre (Lower) Transeth" and "Øvre (Upper) Transeth", and were purchased by other families, some of whom also went by the name Transeth, but were not related by blood.

Andreas and Ragnhild had nine children:


Anna Kristine

b April 20, 1876


Petra Amalie

b March 15, 1878


Peder Anton

b February 20, 1880


Fredrik Johan

b October 30, 1882


Thomas Jørgen

b September 20, 1884


Alf Ragnvald

b January 20, 1887


Hans Trygve

b September 29, 1890


Ragna Andrea

b July 22, 1893


Oskar Hjalmar

b January, 1896. d December 26, 1912.

Anna worked as a housemaid on the Lingsom estate. When a younger son, Hans Lingsom, was sent to manage another property, his mother sent Anna along to keep house. As expected, they fell in love and married. Their children were Johanna, Ragnhild, Igeborg, Kristian, Astrid, and Aase.

Petra married Fredrik Olson, who was Swedish. He was a bank manager. They had two sons, Jørgen and Olaf. The boys emmigrated to USA and were known as Fredrickson.

Peder and Fredrik emigrated to the USA in 1901 on the ship, Orlando, which landed in New York City. Their uncle, Anton Peterson (Ragnhild's brother), who lived in Coon Valley, Wisconsin, loaned them the money to make the trip. They stayed there for a while, but then Peder went to Saskatchewan, Canada to homestead and Fredrik went to North Dakota. Thomas and Alf came later, and joined Fredrik in North Dakota. Peder, Thomas, and Alf were known as "Transeth". Fredrik was known as "Anderson".

Peder (Peter) never married and had no children.

Fredrik moved to Westby, Wisconsin, to be a carpenter. Fredrick married Bolette Larson and had three children: Dorothy, Ruth, and Frederick Jr.

Alf went to Stanton, North Dakota where he worked for Standard Oil. Alf married Nora Andersen and had four sons. He died in a motor vehicle accident, leaving Nora a young widow. His sons were Clifford, Norman, Alf, and Willard.

Thomas returned to Norway in 1914. Family trandition has it that when Thomas returned to Norway he met at the train station an old man with a beard and asked the way to Transeth. The old man was his father, whom he had not recognized. Andreas asked Thomas to remain in Norway to manage the farm. Thomas returned to American and sold his land in North Dakota, and in 1915 returned to Norway and took over the family farm. He built the new farmhouse in 1916. Thomas married Anna Anderson Aasby in 1920. They had one son, Andreas, who died in infantcy. They had several foster children, Mary Grundvik, and Rolf Larsen and his sister, Helga Larsen.

Hans never left the farm. He received a closed-head injury as a child and was never the same afterwards. He had epileptic seizures and was mute. He had no children. He lived until middle age, cared for by his sister Ragna.

Ragna remained on the farm, and had a daughter, Rangnhild. She never married the Swedish man who was Ragnhild's father. When Thomas died, Ragna inherited the farm. Rangna had asthma and was remembered as smoking medicinal pipes and cigarettes which stank horribly . Her daughter, Ragnhild, also had severe asthma and passed away in 1938.

Oskar was killed in a hunting accident at age 17, on the day after Christmas, accidently shot in the chest by his cousin, Olaf Fredrikson. He was unmarried and had no children.

See page 14 for more information about descendants and their addresses.

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