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These may be people from Ragnhild's family,
Kruke and Peterson


Phtograph by Meason, La Crosse, WI
Who is this? Could this be Anna Kruke, mother of Ragnhild? I have heard that she went to USA but have not confirmed it. Several of Anna and Peter Kruke's children who emigrated and lived near Chaseburg, Wisconsin, not far from LaCrosse. They included Anton Peterson, Matilda Peterson Kinglien, another sister who married a Pulver and lived near Stoddard, WI. Paulina's sons Andrew and Fredrick also emigrated.


Photograph by T.H. Davidson, Coon Valley, WI
Who are they? They may be Andrew Peterson's children, Esther, Carl, Evelyn and Ernest. Andrew Peterson was Ragnhild's nephew.


Photography by Thorson and Cashton, Westby WI
Who are they?


Photography by Thorson and Cashton, Westby WI
Who are they? Are these Andrew and Fredrck Petersons?

. Peder and Anna Kruke of Øyer had a large family. Their children were

. Ragnhild, who married Andreas Transeth. Their children were
  1. Anna
  2. Petra
  3. Peter
  4. Fredrik
  5. Thomas
  6. Alf
  7. Hans
  8. Ragna
  9. Oscar

.Anton Peterson Kruke, who emigrated to USA and married Clara Estad of Chaseburg, WI. He was known as Peterson, and sometimes as Elstad, because they lived on the Elstad farm. Their children were:

  1. Agnes Peterson (1898-1966), married Oscar Pederson (1886-1950)
  2. Stanley Peterson (b. July 2, 1904), married to Bernetta Madsen
  3. Stella Peterson, Stanley's twin sister (July 2, 1904-June 7, 1990), married Clifford Hagen
  4. Maurice Peterson (1908-1975), married Helen Johnson (1914-1984)
  5. Harold Peterson (b.1911), married Borghild Gjekke (b. 1916)
  6. Edna Peterson, married Chester Hallingstad
  7. Hulda Peterson
  8. Clarence Peterson

. _?_ Kruke, a sister, who also emigrated, married Peter Kingslien and lived in Stoddard, WI.

. Matilda Kruke, emigrated, married Peter Kingslien and lived near Westby , WI. Their children were:

  1. Dorothy, who married _?_
    • Arlene, married Ray Brendum
  2. Ruben, who married Arlene Fayne
  3. Morris, who married _?_
  4. Mabel, who married _?_ Ornes
    • Clayton
    • Donna
    • Leon
  5. Gladys, who married Melvin Hanson

. Pauline Peterson Kruke, married Kristian Gulbrandson. Their sons emigrated and were known as Peterson in USA. (Another document said that "Kristian Peterson Kruke" was the father of Andrew and Fredrick Peterson.)

  1. Andrew Peterson, married _?_
    • Esther, who died young, of Polio.
    • Carl, married Alice. When Carl died, Alice married Carl's cousin, Milton, Fredrik's son.
    • Evelyn, married _?_ Sveum
    • Ernest, married Caroline
  2. Fredrick Peterson, married _?_
    • Clarence (1907-1981)
    • Alf (1909-1971)
    • Elmer (1910-1036)
    • Mabel (1912-1959)
    • Gilmer (1914-1977)
    • Nora (b.1916)
    • William (1919-1964)
    • Cordella (b.1920)
    • Milton (1924-1994), married Alice
    • Virgil (b.1925)
    • Dorothy (b. 1928), married Earl Tumlinson

. Per Kruke (November 30, 1882 - July 5, 1958). I have no information about him.

. Tov Kruke (1886-1946), married Anna Nygaard. Their children were:

  1. Eigel Kruke
  2. Arne Kjell Kruke.

. Anna Kruke, married late in life to Johan Jevnehagen. They had no children. Anna remained on the farm in Øyer.

. Sigurd Kruke, married _?_. Their children were:

  1. Sverre Aaseth Kruke
  2. Kjell Aaseth Kruke
  3. Agnes Lie Kruke
  4. Gudren Djup Boltz
  5. Magnhild Vail Vinstra
  6. Anna Vangen Tretten

I have heard that grandma Anna Kruke also emigrated to the USA, but have not been able to confirm this.

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